*I’m no more interested in royalties from my albums – Lord Kenya*




Rapper-turned-evangelist, Abraham Philip Akpor Kojo a.k.a Lord Kenya has revealed that an unknown person is selling his old albums worldwide without his consent.

The once Circular musician says he has washed his hands off all his old albums. He has also officially recused his right to his seven albums and not expecting to be paid royalties.

“I have seven albums and they are still selling them; I don’t know who is in charge of that … I am not interested in that (those selling the albums) … I was divine. I was told not to. He (God) said I was the one who called you and I will take care of you,” Kenya said on 3 FM.



The former award-winning hiplife heavy weight has been born again for about a decade.

Lord Kenya is noted for secular songs like ‘Driver Susu Ko’, ‘Sika Baa’, ‘Okafuo Didi’, ‘Sika Mpo Nfaneho’ and ‘Born Again’ among others.

He won Artiste of the Year, Hiplife Ariste of the Year, and Hiplife Album of the Year at the Ghana Music Awards 2001, and Best Ghanaian Rap Music Award at the Anansekrom Festival in Canada 2000 among others.


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