*Moesha Boduong fails to say a simple closing prayer*

7276a8d3192b1e8171555227fd871f2aMoesha Boduong, one of Ghana’s popular actresses and Instagram models, has got social media users talking after she failed to say a word of prayer in public.

Moesha, one of the actresses cast in the upcoming Away Bus movie, was present at a press conference to unveil the cast for Away Bus.

After the interactions with the media, Moesha who was sitting at the high table was asked to close the meeting with a prayer.

But the actress could only do little as she struggled to say the closing prayer to the surprise of many the press conference.

In a video sighted by YEN.com.gh, a well-dressed Moesha was heard saying “let’s pray.”


After saying a few words, Moesha fumbled and had to restart prayer and this happened more than once as those present giggled and laughed at the actress.

Moesha’s fumbling got the press conference venue quite noisy with one person loudly shouting “you have given bloggers work to do.”https://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/entertainment/Moesha-Boduong-fails-to-say-a-simple-closing-prayer-731108?jwsource=cl


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