Ama Burland whose Atopa tape has been released threatens suicide

The level 300 Legon student, Princess Ama Burland whose atopa tape has been leaked by the notorious Snapchat user, “Karma is a bitch called Fatpuss” has threatened to commit suicide in a note shared on her Twitter handle which was deleted a few minutes after.

According to the lady, she has seen the video and screenshot going viral and she does not know how to move on with her life. According to Ama Burland, her future is over because she can’t continue her education.


She explained that the video is not her but she does not know to prove to people that it is not her. She apologized to her family and her boyfriend for the embarrassment caused.

She revealed that she is always getting into some kind of a mess but this is the limit; she can’t go on living.




Among her the allegations leveled against popular personalities and known slay queens in Ghana, “Karma is a bitch called Fatpuss” shared Ama Burland’s atopa tape on her Snapchat handle.


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