Style influencer Lharley Lhartey is a Lesbian


This week has been a messy one for Ghana’s social media icons.

Their “alleged” secrets have been laid bare and that has been a major blow to their integrity.

One of the stories which has caught out attention is the fact that the beautiful Lharley who cried after winning “emerging Star” was mentioned.

According to information shared online by News Utallium Network, Lharley is a bi-sexual who hides her lesbian acts from the world.

According to News Ultalium, Lharley sent her bi-sexual partner to borrow sex toys which she used on her, however, after several weeks of borrowing from the shop, the partner of lharley cannot pay the money back.

This revelation comes as a shock to many on social media who have expressed shock at the turn of events.

The News platform continues to expo

se more female celebrities who have been engaging in some acts in secret and act “holy”.





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