My Father Pat Thomas Hasn’t Spent A “Kobo” On My Music Career : Nana Yaa Reveals


Singer Nana Yaa has disclosed that her father Pat Thomas with all his connections and money didn’t spend a dime on her music career.

When asked in an interview with Amansan Krakye on Radio Central that, whether she got it easy in the music industry because of her father’s influence she said;

“I want people to know that I didn’t have easy play because my father is Pat Thomas I will have easy ride or things on a silver platter, no no no I didn’t get that support from him. I didn’t get that help from him so I had to work. Everything that I am today as an artist, I didn’t get any help from my father”.

“I had hustle as a woman and female artist on my own, by myself and the help of my team to get to where I am today. I don’t want people to have that notion that my father is Pat Thomas so I had it easy, I didn’t get it easy at all, everything is the opposite. I’m still struggling but it’s good cos it makes me a strong artiste and appreciate things in life more”, she added.


Nana Yaa also revealed that the only she got from his father is some part of her craft she inherited.

“The only thing I got from him is my talent though it’s from God I also got some from my dad. If I’m singing you will see me as a female version of my father because certain ways I sing and dance on the stage and the way I jump is like my father. These are the little things I inherited from my father, which I’m grateful for. But a situation whereby he would hold my hand and take me to this person and say help my daughter or give me money never happened”, she revealed.


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