Don’t bring your stupidity and foolishness on me – Nana Tonardo replies KOD with dozens of insults


Actor Emil Wood, popularly known as Nana Tornado has sent out a rather ‘ugly’ reply to renowned Ghanaian broadcaster, Kofi Okyere Darko affectionately called KOD for the ‘fool’ tag he recently crowned him with after the former granted an interview and remarked that the name of Antoa is more powerful now than that of Jesus.

In a video available to, Tornado warns KOD to make sure he does not bring his stupidity and foolishness to his doorsteps. He goes on to ask KOD the question about why he will ever perceive in his mind’s eye that he would ever want to sit with him for an interview. He went ahead to state that there is nothing sensible KOD will ever tell him should he even decide to sit with him for any chat at all.

According to the actor who claims his religion is ‘common sense’, he has no business meeting with somebody like the Starr FM drive time show host because he has nothing tangible with regard to property in this world. He alleged that the house KOD is living in, which he is so proud of belongs to the family of his wife.

Angry Tornado also alleged that KOD is a nobody in the creative industry because the people he started with, like Bola Ray and others have all moved ahead to open their own companies and even employed him (KOD) to work there. As such, he does not understand why the ‘Nineteen 57’ company boss will think that a well-to-do individual like him, may ever want to have a sit-down and chat with him.

Watch the full video of Nana Tonardo giving KOD a dose of some fire below:




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