Menzgold Saga: Signing fees, cars and mansions given to Zylofon Media signees can pay off half of monies locked up at Menzgold


56525346The Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) has taken a decision to go after all Zylofon Media signees to seize all properties they got from Nana Appiah Mensah when he signed them on to his Zylofon Music label and auction them to pay Menzgold customers.

It’s obvious that EOCO’s decision to go after the likes of Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy, Joyce Blessing, Kumi Guitar and others is likely to yield fruits if the figures in a report by popular Instagram blog, @itellmymind2 is anything to go by.

According to @itellmymind2, cars, mansions and cash which were given to Zylofon Media signees can pay off some Menzgold customers.

According to the report, Joyce Blessing was given a brand new Sonata car, a mansion and an undisclosed amount of money as well as other benefits.

Kumi Guitar was also given $100,000, a car and money for a house of which he invested in Menzgold and rented an apartment instead.

Rapper Obibini got a brand new Sonata car, a house and other cash benefits.

Dancehall artiste, Stonebwoy also received a Sonata, Range Rover with money summing up to $3,000,000. $500,000 for a house and $100,000 for his lavish wedding.

Shatta Wale, on the other hand, got $500,000 for a house and a Toyota Fortuner. He was later given $1 million to shoot two music videos in South Africa and other cash benefits as well.

If this report is anything to go by then some Menzgold customers are likely to be paid if EOCO indeed goes after these musicians.

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#Repost @itellmymind (@get_repost) ・・・ @joyceblessgh got signed onto zylofon media at an undisclosed amount.She got sonata, a house and some other benefits. @kumiguitargh was alleged to have been signed for 100,000 dollars, well that was the information put out there, but it’s said he received between 40-50.000gh instead. The rest never came. .He got sonata as well and money for a house but unfortunately he invested the money back into Menzgold waiting for the money to grow so he builds. Unfortunately for him that never materialized. @obibiniboafo was also given Sonata under the label, a house and other benefits too. Obviously some really enjoyed, some really did not @itellmymind2 @itellmymind2

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#Repost @itellmymind (@get_repost) ・・・ @beccafrica was signed by Zylofon between 200 to 300,000 dollars. “I stand to be corrected” She has gained two east legon house since she signed to Zylofon. One is currently for sale or has been bought. She was made a P. R for menzgold, she was making between 10-12000 Gh a month with a car at menzgold. She also got Range Rover and Sonata from zylofon. She was given 50,000dollars for her supposed surprise birthday party. She and her husband who acts as her manager took up to a tune of 850,000$$ from NAM1 for the opening of Menzgold in Nigeria but credible information says that NAM1 was very disappointed in the whole organization of the program considering the huge sum of money he gave out to them. NAM1 is also said to have given an undisclosed amount for her SPA named "KORA SPA" opposite AnC Mall. To top it all, Becca and her husband who was then her manager forged documents and took 70,000pounds from NAM1 to go to London to treat some STD infection she Becca claimed NAM1 has given her. With all this one can only Guess the amount of money she took from NAM1 for her engagement and wedding ceremony. She is said to have taken 1million Ghana cedis for her 10years anniversary in the Music Industry.. a huge amount of money was estimated to have been used for her bus branding in the U.K, also other sums of money for her /south Africa/ Nigeria and Ghana music videos and international tours. After all this that Nam1 has done for her, this same man who has helped a lot of you all is in challenging times and all you did first was deleting everything Zylofon and Menzgold from even your Instagram page.

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#Repost @itellmymind (@get_repost) ・・・ @empress_dictabee was signed at both menzgold and zylofon. She gained a Toyota fortuner from zylofon and an undisclosed amount of money. She also received 60,000$ from menzgold plus a Toyota Camry. When they wanted to drop menzgold ambassadors, she along with other ambassadors Becca, stonebwoy, joselyn dumas, Jackie and the rest were given 30,000$ as compensation. She was also given a house by NAM1,whether it was bought or rented it is yet to be confirmed. Remember her tundra? Apparently the video about her alleged husband who used to beat her up was never a lie,and that was mainly because of her cheating life. Her husband caught her in bed with this pastor (guess it yourself) and gave her some beatings. The man was never really an abuser, the beating were result to her being caught in bed with other men. Well she got rid of her husbands child because of this same pastor. The said pastor gave her a tundra as compensation. Later on when NAM1 came in the picture, She sold the tundra the pastor gave her because NAM1 bought her a new tundra.. (the one that she drives at the moment) In all she got three cars from both Zylofon and Menzgold. NAM1 also gave her an undisclosed amount of money for her own make up line she is yet to launch…….These and several other benefits…Issues continue….. @itellmymind2

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#Repost @itellmymind (@get_repost) ・・・ It's hard getting to know of any dirty secrets of @stonebwoyb but apparently he always operated through his manager @blakkcedi and always behind close doors. My reliable source informs me that @stonebwoyb received Sonata and Range Rover upon signing to zylofon. He is estimated to have collected different sums of money to the tune of 3million $… mostly for video shoots, featuring a list Jamaican / dancehall artists, Foreign shows and international tours.. He also gained a 500,000$ house and was given 100,000$ for his wedding. Sorry to disappoint you all waiting to hear anything else other than this about @stonebwoy. But looking closely, these are not small amount of money we seeing here. It can sort out a lot of Menzgold customers but where is the money now?

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@shattawalenima and @michygh set up a trap for NAM1 and NAM1 fell into it so easily.Shatta out of nowhere caught NAM1 and Michy in bed.Shatta threatened to expose NAM1 unless he sign him.Shatta wanted 1.5million dollars as the sign-up bonus but NAM1 gave him 500,000dollars.The so called 1million dollar mansion Shatta claim he bought at East Legon was bought at 500,000dollars. NAM1 gave him 400,000 dollars and Shatta himself added 100,000 dollars to make the 500,000 before buying that mansion. NAM1 gave Shatta Toyota Fortuner plus some other cars. NAM1 rented a house for Michy when Shatta threw her out late 2017.Shatta again took 1million dollars for two music videos in South Africa. Shatta once made a post advertising Menzgold and just because of that NAM1 invited him over and gave him 50,000 euros. Remember that blowjob video that came out, it was indeed Shatta and one of the SM Divas, my source tells me both Shatta and Michy engage in 3some with the SM_Divas.That is why even after that blowjob video which involved Shatta and one of the SM Divas came out, we still saw Michy moving with Shatta because she is aware and it ain't any new thing in their kingdom. Remember that fight between Dottylana and Michy, what do you think they were fighting over? Keep guessing… Hence Shatta's high disrespect towards her baby mama.Obviously she has been calling everything for herself since day one. These monies stated here are not the only ones Shatta has had from NAM1,there are a lot more and the issues continue…………………… @itellmymind2 Once again anyone who thinks am telling lies can come forward now including @shattawalenima and @michygh herself

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#Repost @itellmymind (@get_repost) ・・・ @bibibright Bibi Bright was signed by zylofon Media for 20,000ghc which came with a Toyota Fortuner for 3years. @toosweetannangh was also signed by zylofon media for 20,000ghc plus Toyota Fortuner for 3years @zynnellzuh had same benefits. 20,000ghc for sign-up and a Toyota Fortuner as well for 3years @jamesgardinergh was signed as well by Zylofon for 20,000ghc and a Toyota Fortuner for 3years. These are the only amount they received from zylofon. They were never given any money from Menzgold. Both Menzgold and Zylofon are owned by one person NAM1 but they are different entities on the workfield My credible source tells me that these four @bibibright @zynnellzuh @jamesgardinergh @toosweetannangh met NAM1 three consecutive times and at the end of each meeting, they were given 2,000ghc each. They did Two Film Productions and they were paid between 6,000ghc to 9,000. There were several rumours that NAM1 gave @bibibright money for both her engagement and naming ceremony etc but because my source is credible, I can confidently say that @bibibright didn't receive a penny from both Zylofon Media and Menzgold as speculated. And I throw a challenge to anyone at all to come out and say all these are lies. Thank you. Wait for more. @itellmymind2

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