I Regret Abandoning My Family For Shatta Wale : Michy


Shatta Michy has once again attacked from her hideout since she allegedly  stole Shatta Wale’s Range Rover, other documents and fled with their son, Majesty.

In a new post on her Snapchat handle, Michy revealed her biggest regret is abandoning her family to be with Shatta Wale who has ended up disappointing her.

According to Michy, Shatta Wale has turned out to be the opposite of the person she fell in love with and even as Shatta Wale grieve over their break, he still pulls her down in every worse way possible.

The post on Michy’s Snap reads:

I deserted my family to build a family with ppl that couldn’t stand up for me & even as they grieve they’re still holding me down.

She posted again

My not so lil cousin told me “the most gangster thing you can ever do is to hold your family down”…couldn’t even argue with him.


Already Shatta Wale has confirmed the break up despite confirming less than a month ago that they are making preparations for their wedding. According to Shatta Wale, Michy is still into drug abuse and he can’t go on such attitude from a woman he wants to marry.

Shatta Wale posted on IG:

“People should stop calling me for the info, if you don’t love a nigga, you just have to dump him and leave his things and go but don’t run away with nigga’s properties for a nigga to come chase for it to look like there are no prettier girls in the world… You got it all, the cars, mansion, money, ur peers even envy your life and it hurts some of them seeing you behave like that. Many girls in Ghana will be disappointed in you for having all this luxury life and all you want to do is live a wayward life of drugs”.


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