Let’s See Who Digs His Own Pit At The End Of The Day : Andy Dosty Hits Back At Shatta Wale


Renowned DJ and radio Presenter, Andy Dosty has responded to Shatta Wale’s warning to him.

We reported earlier today that, Shatta Wale had issued a warning to Hitz FM’s presenter for using his tweet on his Daybreak Hitz programme.

On Monday, January 21,2019, Andy Dosty, host of the most listened morning show, Daybreak Hitz posted ‘the big’ story for his show which was in the form of a quesionnaire on his twitter handle for listeners to react.

Andy Dosty’s tweet read:

“BIG STORY: Shatta Wale says Ghanaian youth are broke because they FOOL a lot. Is that true? Share your thoughts on Air as I read them.”

However, comments that popped up didn’t go down well with the self-acclaimed dancehall king as he got lots of negative comments from listeners.

Shatta Wale attacked Andy Dosty for using his tweet on his show inviting several bashings on him from listeners.

Shatta Wale replied :

“Andy people like you is what I am talking about ooo ..So does your woman read what you write at all ..Don’t think you are tarnishing my image ooo but u digging ur own deep pit .. I salute you Mr I know it all.”

“f you say people like me is what you’re talking about then it means TRULY you made that statement. So how am I tarnishing your image by quoting what you said? Well….let’s see who digs his own pit at the end of the day.”

The brawl began based on Shatta Wale’s earlier tweet, ”My next videos are going to be WACK to some illiterates in Ghana alone but Africa and the World will Applaud me, my fans and my team for putting up such a hard work…Don’t be a Fool!!! Too much fooling in Ghana are not making the youths of today know how to hustle for money.” Hitz FM seeing the tweet decided to use it as their ‘Big Story’ and the result is the feud between Shatta Wale and Andy Dosty. Here are other tweets of Andy Dosty in relation to Shatta Wale’s warning to him.





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