Breaking! Suspect Arrested After Explosive Devices Sent To Trump Critics and CNN

Trump is expected to talk about unity during his update on the bomb investigation

From CNN’s Jeff Zeleny

President Trump is expected to address the investigation into the suspicious packages and explosive devices any minute now.

He’s will issue another call for unity and will mention the arrest but give no specifics of who was arrested or any other details, an official said.

The President will describe the suspicious packages as “terrorizing acts,” an official said.

He recently went back to the Oval Office — which explains his delay (he was expected to begin speaking around noon ET).

His speech is being updated as we speak.


Florida governor: “ANY attempt to harm others is disgusting”

Florida Gov. Rick Scott took to Twitter to condemn the series of explosive devices and suspicious packages sent to prominent Democrats, Trump critics and others.

Authorities arrested a man in connection to the suspicious packages in Plantation, Florida, according to multiple law enforcement sources.


SOON: President Trump to address the suspicious package investigation President Trump just tweeted that he’ll soon speak about the investigation into the explosive devices and suspicious packages. He’s due to speak at an event at noon, and he said he’ll address the investigation then. He tweeted:


Authorities investigate package addressed to Sen. Kamala Harris
From CNN’s Evan Perez

Authorities are investigating another suspicious package in Sacramento, California, addressed to Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris, according to a law enforcement official.

Authorities have found 12 packages — addressed to 10 people — in recent days.




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