Celebrities Speak On KNUST Demonstration And Brutality


On Monday 22nd October, 2018 , the SRC of KNUST sanctioned a demonstration against the school authorities for authorizing student brutality.
Tension has been mounting in the school following the university’s decision to convert all the unisex halls into mixed halls.

At least 11 students including an alumnus of the university were arrested and put behind cells at the KNUST police station on Friday.

Angry parents stormed the police to demand the release of the warns after they were detained.

Well, some celebrities in the industry have also reacted to the KNUST brutality and demonstration on social media.

Here are celebrities who had something to say about KNUST brutality.


I understand there’s a cause to fight for in KNUST … but attaching violence and vandalism to the cause makes it hard for anybody to be on your side 100% … Also, when you destroy school property, who do you think pays for it?

— Ko-Jo Cue (@KOJO_Cue) October 22, 2018


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