Rosemond Brown Promises To Sleep With Presenter In Exchange For A Trip To Dubai | WATCH


Actress Rosemond Brown has promised the host of ‘Vibes in 5’ Arnold Mensah Elavanyo sex in exchange for a trip to Dubai.

According to the actress, she has been messaging the presenter because he said he will take her to Dubai.

Rosemond is seen in a video asking her fans to plead with Arnold to keep his promise to send her to Dubai so she can also keep her promise by giving him sex.


“Please I have been ‘DMing’ this gentleman, do you know why, he said he will take me to Dubai, so I also promised him something and he’s running away. The thing that you are praying to get, Arnold is running away, Arnold please I’m waiting for my Dubai,” Rosemond said.


Ghanaians please talk to Arnold for me; I say I’m giving him this style of mine [sex position], for Dubai, if you don’t understand go to hell,” she pleaded.

She then asked Arnold to tell her fans he is going to keep his promise to her.


“Arnold please tell my fans you are taking me to Dubai,” she said.

Arnold responded by saying, “Listen, I’m taking her to Dubai, it’s a promise and it will happen. See, even if I don’t have money, we will definitely go to the Dubai because of the promise she has made to me.”

Watch the video below.


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