A page on Instagram “ThoseCalledCelebs” Reveals That Benedicta Gafah is 6 Months Pregnant For Husband Of Nana Ama McBrown


According to the popular page on instagram , there are some secret feud and news circulating between the celebs and ThoseCalledCelebs took to instagram to address the issue .

First of all they urged  the general public to let them know  if they have ever seen Bene and Grandpa Maxwell at a secrete place or walking together  because they think Bene is really suffering in the hands of every Ghanaian on social media  .

They also made it clear to the public that, the actress has never met her colleagues husband physically but her enemies are falsely accusing her of being 6 months pregnant for Maxwell , which is a very big lie .


Actress Nana Ama McBrown has unfollowed her colleague Benedicta Gafah on instagram and the popular page on instagram claims it was due to some reasons known to her.

ThoseCalledCelebs goes on to ask if Nana Ama feels insecure in her marriage?

well we at instablggh hope everything is alright at the camps of our beautiful actresses . we will bring you updates of the situation when we get hold of them.


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