Becca Is Getting Married After 5 Failed Attempts

While the identity of Becca’s partner has not yet been revealed, the news of her getting married has brought up talk of the singer’s previous love life.

Below is the list of 5 men Becca dated which didn’t work out

  • KiKi Banson – Becca, it could be said, did not go through the hassle many upcoming artistes go through.After auditioning for TV3’s Mentor reality show, Becca dropped out and was immediately signed by Kiki’s EKB records. Not long after joining EKB, Becca released her first album ‘Sugar.’ It was this album that had the much acclaimed ‘You Lied To Me’ track and the rest you know already. But their partnership was always riddled with the rumour that the two were in an amorous relationship. Some time ago, it was widely reported that Kiki Banson had left his wife and was planning to marry Becca. Some of the reports went as far as saying Becca’s father had ‘disowned’ her because of the reported ‘out of work’ relationship with her boss. Though Becca constantly denied the rumours of her dating Kiki, it did not go away until she left the record label in 2015. Even with that, some rumour still exists that she left because their love relationship did not work out.

  • Bisa Kdei –

    There was a time in the life of Becca that she was very close to fellow musician, Bisa K. Dei.

    Their closeness brought out hit tracks like “Bɛshiwo” and “Hwɛ deɛ ɔdɔ ayɛ me”

    But for many, their relationship was more than just friendship or a working one as they were seen in music videos and at public events displaying affection for each other.

    The rumours were deepened when Bisa K. Dei caused a flower to be sent to Becca on live TV on one of her birthdays.

    Becca denied this severally but reports insisted that the two were in a secret affair.

    The two, if these reports were to be believed, only broke up somewhere in 2017.

  • Agyemang Badu – Ghana had a shambolic FIFA World Cup in 2014 in Brazil and one of the fallouts was that Becca slept with a Black Star player believed to be Agyemang Badu. Becca was one of the ambassadors sent to Brazil to entertain supporters who had been sent to support the Black Stars. Following the return of the team after being booted out of the tournament, it was widely reported that had gone beyond entertaining supporters to entertain Agyemang Badu. The rumours were so rife that Becca had to release a press statement to deny the allegations.

  • Sonnie Badu -This will come as a surprise to many as the rumour was not as popular as the four others but it still existed. After Sonnie Badu married Marie-Anne Davis in 2014, there were some reports suggesting that the gospel singer had ‘used and dumped’ Becca. According to the report which emanated from, Sonnie Badu had actually promised to marry Becca at some point but left her to marry his current wife. Neither Becca nor Sonnie officially responded to this rumour. Maybe, it was because it did not stay long.

  • Nana Appiah Mensah –

    Becca is currently signed onto Zylofon Media, the 360 media company belonging to rich businessman Nana Appiah Mensah.

    Just like her time at EKB Records, Becca has been rumoured to be dating her boss.

    In fact, the rumours of Becca dating Nana Appiah Mensah have been so rife that she has had to deny it on record.

    Speaking in a recent interview on Hitz FM, she explained that although the Zylofon Media boss is very handsome, he is married and that makes it impossible for her to date him.

    Well. I’m a beautiful woman. I’ve heard a lot of rumours. No sir and I’m not really bothered about that. I think he is a good looking man, he’s hard working and is making things happen. Unfortunately for me, he’s married so I don’t want to go there,“ the singer said.

Source: Yen Ghana.


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